AA battery pulse igniter

AA battery pulse igniter

Product number:ESIG-001

Quick Overview: Igniter (igniter), refers to an instant to provide enough energy to ignite coal, oil (gas) fuel and can stabilize the flame device. Igniter has a commercial stove and civilian furnace of the points: Commercial mainly used in food and cooking kitchen stove ignition system, because the dining kitchen environment is more complex, so the choice of ignition when the relatively strict civil requirements. Civil household appliances are mainly used in the ignition installation, the use of the environment is simpler than the food stoves, to help select the pulse ignition more.

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Product Description

Igniter consists of the main power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition switch, spark plug, additional resistance and short-circuit devices, high and low voltage wires and other components.
1, power: from the battery and generator. Ignition, the ignition system is provided by the battery low-voltage power; start, when the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the ignition by the generator to provide low-voltage power.
2, the ignition coil: the automotive power supply to provide low-voltage 12V into spark plug electrode breakdown of the high-voltage.
3, distributor: the generator camshaft drive, turn on and off the ignition coil primary current, the ignition coil in a timely manner to produce high-voltage, according to the ignition sequence of high-voltage transmission to the cylinder spark plug; Artificially to achieve the ignition time adjustment. The role of the capacitor is to reduce the spark off contact, improve the ignition coil secondary voltage.
4, the ignition switch: control ignition system low-voltage circuit on and off, control the generator start and flameout.
5, spark plug: the high voltage into the combustion chamber, resulting in electric spark ignited the mixture.

6, the additional resistance shorted device: start additional resistance will be shorted to increase the primary current of the ignition coil to enhance the starting spark plug sparkover energy.

Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane
Name: AA battery pulse igniter 
Output: Voltage: ≥16KV 
Life Time: ≥500,000 Times 
Temperature: -20°C-120°C 
Certification: CE,CSA 

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