Faston Type thermocouple for gas cookers

Faston Type thermocouple for gas cookers

Product number:ESTH-015

Quick Overview: Gas Thermocouple Safety Protection System Working Principle: A thermocouple consisting of two pieces of dissimilar metals joined together at one end (hot junction). When the hot junction is heated, the thermocouple produces DC voltage to the other end. It powers thermoelectric gas valves and when used is a safety feature on gas hearth products. Loss of the pilot can removes the electrical current and shuts off the gas supply to the burner.

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Product Description

Technical Data:

1) Thermal potential:

When heated,the closed circuit voltage should  ≥12mv and ≤15mv,open circuit voltage  ≥25mv and ≤30mv
Heat potential should ≥12mv and ≤15mv when temperature ratings  416° to 760°C, cold junction to hot junction
Cooling Characteristic ≤ 1.5 mv when 1.5min if it heated for 5min and then cut off the power.

2)Ambient temperature: the top temperature is lower than 760℃ and the other parts lower than 200℃

3) Inner resistance: Accord to its type and length and the tolerance is in ±15% as is requested.
4) Length:according to request of customers

    Forehead & terminal:according to request of customers