Gas flexible pipe

Gas flexible pipe

Product number:ESHO-007

Quick Overview: Operation method 1, the gas pipe installed, to properly protect (especially in the paste tile), not privately demolished, moving, touching, smashing, squeezing, pressure gas pipe to ensure that the gas pipe intact without damage. 2, remember not to gas pipe seal, in particular, the entire building of the main building of the total valve and the user's home gas meter, for decoration can be made into the door cabinet or stay ventilated, to set aside enough space for maintenance and security. 3, do not disassemble gas pipeline (including fixed pipe hooks or pipe card) and water heater, should be installed by the relevant gas company's professional and technical personnel to ensure safety. 4, a gas pipeline room can not be used as a bedroom, in order to avoid gas leaks, fire, endangering life safety. While the gas pipeline through the kitchen or room can not be stacked flammable and explosive materials. 5, the gas pipeline can not be buried in the wall and not less than 10cm from the ground. Gas pipe is not allowed through the wall and should not be too long, stove hose not more than 2 meters. 6, if the indoor pipeline has been with gas and found that indoor gas leaks, the first should be closed before the gas valve table, open the doors and windows ventilation, prohibit the opening of electrical switches and other acts may spark, forbidden fire leaks to the outside call .

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Product Description

       Maintenance method

    First, the hose should be replaced one and a half to two years. The use of special gas hose replacement, if the use of non-gas special hose, or hose is stiff, cracking will be dangerous; hose safe length of 1.5 meters, if the hose long and from the wall or window glass Through, there are security risks. There is also a gas exhaust every time, only switch off the stove is not enough. According to statistics, only close the cooker switch without closing the gas pipeline valves, has become a major cause of gas accidents. Because once the aging of the hose or stove can not withstand the pressure, gas leakage occurs. Especially in winter windows and doors closed, the leakage of gas distribution does not go out, when accumulated to a certain amount of time will lead to accidents. To this end, solemnly remind the general public, the use of gas, in addition to turning off the stove switch, but also bear in mind close the gas pipeline valves.

Product Name:  gas flexible pipe                                  Item No: ESHO-007
Application country: Europe, North America                 Certification:CE/CSA
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

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