Gas heater ODS part pilot buner

Gas heater ODS part pilot buner

Product number:ESOD-007

Quick Overview: Working principle ODS use thermocouple component as a sensor to search the temperature of pilot flame in order to drive the electromagnetic valve, when the space is hypoxia(O-17%~19%),the flame temperature is under 400°C,there is not enough potential to open the valve ,so then the valve will be closed to keep safe.

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Product Description

Main function

    To ignite the main burner without deflagration, to stabilize the flame of main burner, to detect  flame normality and to reignite or cut off the energy source when the flame is put out by external factors.

Usage and charaters:
Product Name:Gas heater pilot burner
Item No: ESOD-007
lication country: Europe, North America
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane