Gas patio heater thermocouple

Gas patio heater thermocouple

Product number:ESTH-010

Quick Overview: Thermocouple is a temperature sensor, is an instrument, it directly measures the temperature, and the temperature signal into a thermoelectric power signal, through the electrical instrument (secondary instrument) into the measured medium temperature.

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Product Description

Propane patio heater Thermocouple can be Used in gas cooker,oven, water heater etc.
First class quality
Technology parameter
(1) Thermal potential
·heat characters: the temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700 and the heat potential should≥20mv
·cool characters: the temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700. The heat potential should be≤1.5mv when 1.5min if it heated for 5min and then cut off the power.
·work temperature: the top temperature is lower than 700 and the other parts higher than 125
(2) Inner resistance
·accord to its type and length and the tolerance is in ±10% as is requested.
according to request of customers

(4)Forehead & terminal

Usage and charaters:
Product Name:Patio heater thermocouple
Item No: ESTH-010
ication country: Europe, North America
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

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