Gas spark igniter with two outlet for BBQ

Gas spark igniter with two outlet for BBQ

Product number:ESIG-010

Quick Overview: Igniter (igniter), refers to an instant to provide enough energy to ignite coal, oil (gas) fuel and can stabilize the flame device. Igniter has a commercial stove and civilian furnace of the points: Commercial mainly used in food and cooking kitchen stove ignition system, because the dining kitchen environment is more complex, so the choice of ignition when the relatively strict civil requirements. Civil household appliances are mainly used in the ignition installation, the use of the environment is simpler than the food stoves, to help select the pulse ignition more.

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Product Description

Production Name: ESIG-010 Gas spark igniter with two outlet for BBQ
Item No: ESIG-010
Application country: Europe, North America
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane
1) Spark output terminal: 2, 4, 6 ,8
2) Input power: AC220V (120V), 50 - 60Hz or DC1.5V 
3) Output voltage: more or just 18kV 

4) Longevity: more or just 30,000 times