High temperature powder fire pit pan

High temperature powder fire pit pan

Product number:ESFI-006

Quick Overview: The principle of gas grill Generally use stainless steel as the furnace material, through the electronic pulse ignition, the use of oil gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heat the above four independent high-temperature crystal red gas heating plate and then bake food on the iron plate. With the energy-saving component control, electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flame to control the temperature of iron, practical and convenient.

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Product Description

Fire pit selection

    Consider the barbecue pits are portable. Outdoor barbecue pits are our own items, so the best time to consider the purchase of this problem, we can facilitate the carrying, which can bring us a lot of convenience, it is recommended that the best choice is the kind of folding barbecue furnace.

According to material purchase. Barbecue stove on the market a variety of materials, and the price varies, not necessarily expensive, but the iron barbecue pits life is certainly not very long, it is recommended to choose the kind of stainless steel, more iron than the solid Durable, and not easy to rust.

According to the size of barbecue pits optional. Some people think that the smaller portable the better, but also need to take into account the number of barbecue factors, so the number of barbecue when you can choose to determine the size of each barbecue, so that everyone can eat delicious barbecue.

Whether with oil and smoke-proof device. Barbecue, the meat will drop oil, oil droplets fell to the high temperature of the stone will smoke, smoke on the food will have a bad taste. Therefore, the furnace should have some kind of equipment to catch the oil, and then let the oil flow to the outside of the furnace.

Whether with a thermometer. In the barbecue recipes often see what the temperature bake for a long time, if there is no thermometer, we can only rely on speculation, so it is difficult to judge whether the food is cooked.

Product Description
Material :SUS 304
18" ,24",36",48"round flat pan
13",19",25",31" ring burner
Power : 50000-60000BTU
Brass gas valve: LP &NG convertible
Package : each set in a carton