Stainless steel fire pit

Stainless steel fire pit

Product number:ESFP-005

Quick Overview: Barbecue grill is a barbecue lamb skewers, vegetables, barbecue and other equipment to the most common carbon ovens. Almost every city of China's grill, barbecue stalls can see the carbon oven. Weekend barbecue to bring the car to the wild, while chatting, while drinking, while enjoying the fun of barbecue, to reduce the usual work hard apart, but also bright spots for urban life, is a people can improve the quality of life of new products . Barbecue stoves are divided into three kinds, carbon ovens, gas ovens and electric ovens, including gas ovens and electric ovens to smoke-free, non-polluting products and popular. Common types of barbecue pits are apple stove, rectangular furnace, light stove and so on.

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The principle of gas grill

    Generally use stainless steel as the furnace material, through the electronic pulse ignition, the use of oil gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heat the above four independent high-temperature crystal red gas heating plate and then bake food on the iron plate. With the energy-saving component control, electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flame to control the temperature of iron, practical and convenient.

Indoor/outdoor Stainless steel square gas fire pit
Size in 18 X 6,24 X 8,36 X 12inches
304 Stainless steel with safety device
All are in S/S 304 material. Thickness is 0.8mm

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