Stove magnet unit

Stove magnet unit

Product number:ESMA-004

Quick Overview: Gas electromagnetic valve is a gas pipeline safety emergency cut off device. It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or with the fire and other intelligent alarm control terminal module connected to achieve on-site or remote automatic / manual emergency cut off the gas source to ensure gas safety. When a strong and harmful vibration occurs, the valve automatically closes. Open the valve to be subject to manual intervention, manually open to meet the safety management practices, in line with the characteristics of accident handling.

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1. Gas valve installation unit should have the appropriate qualification and installation of the relevant gas pipeline construction specifications.

2. Valve should be installed in the indoor after the total intake valve for maintenance.
3. The valve body should be installed in the direction of the air flow, the valve coil can not be inverted, allowing horizontal and vertical installation.
4. Solenoid valve control line should be correct and reliable connection, the control line polarity: white line for the positive black line is negative, can not be reversed.
5. Pipeline purge, it is recommended to isolate the solenoid valve, so as not to damage the debris in the valve sealing material.
6. Pipeline in the test pressure test sealing performance, should first open the valve at the state of the solenoid valve.
7. Manually open the valve, should be in the valve inlet and outlet pressure balance operation.

8. Electric valve, avoid the wrong power supply, such as: the wrong polarity, the wrong voltage or long power, so as not to damage the electromagnetic coil.

Usage and charaters:

Application country: Europe, North America
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

Structure: Control         Pressure: Low Pressure 

Power: Solenoid           Material: Plastic 

Temperature of Media: High Temperature 

Media: Gas Port Size: 9.0mm 

Application: Home Kitchen

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