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Discussion on the Ignition of Gas Stove
First, the furnace: the second and third tier cities for consumers, most families are using liquefied petroleum gas gas stoves, in the course of the use of often can not hit the fire, or flames too small problem, then encounter these problems How to solve it? Today for everyone to answer:

1, point does not catch fire

Electrical aspects of the first look at the spark discharge spark. If there is no discharge of the spark is the first check whether the battery power is low or failure; battery box spring contact piece is rusty contact bad; Gas valve body switch is bad or micro switch is bad; tone board is not adjusted. These are normal circumstances and then replace the pulse igniter is normal.

The spark pin is too much; the ignition pin surface is too much dirt; high-voltage pulse output cable is connected with the ignition pin is not in contact with the ignition pin is too small; the same time, Bad or leakage; valve body switch is in poor contact. These are normal circumstances and then replace the pulse igniter is normal.

Have a normal pulse ignition spark. Check the gas source is paired; next to the ignition pin fire cover (sub-firearms) hole is too much blocked because of dirt; burner pipe, nozzle, ejector, whether foreign body blockage; ; Whether the knob is not in place; solenoid valve inside the apron is stuck or bad; thermocouple protection device to check whether the top of the valve body is not open thermocouple solenoid valve or valve body stuck bad.

Side of the normal ignition, indicating that the battery is no problem. (1), is the valve (switch) on the micro-switch is broken or dirty, to be cleaned up, non-professionals (1), is the body (switch) on the micro-switch is broken or dirty, to be cleaned, non-professionals Can not operate. (2), the ignition is broken. There are two coil devices in the igniter, probably the one on the right can not work. If the ignition can hear the sound of the ignition, it may be the ignition pin and sub-firearms. First look at the ignition needle (magnetic white), there is no spark ignition, the spark strength and the left is the same, if not the same, replace the ignition pin. (3), the firearms of the hole is not aligned with the ignition pin sparks. The firearms will be placed in accordance with the same as the left!

2, the ignition is not working

Check the spark discharge when the ignition is normal, if not normal, according to the above method of maintenance, and to check the fire cover (sub-firearms) hole is too much because of dirt blocked; ignition needle surface is too much dirt; Board is not adjusted.

3, flam

Check if the battery level is low.

Sensor needle surface is too much dirt; whether the offset, the height is normal.

Fire cover (sub-firearms) hole is blocked because of too much dirt.

If the connection of the pulse igniter and the sensing pin are loose, the connection is not good.

Whether the solenoid valve is defective

Thermocouple protection device to check the thermocouple and solenoid valve         connection is loose, poor contact.