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How to choose outdoor stoves
There are two commonly used: butane gas furnace and liquid fuel furnace. Butane gas furnace using specialized butane gas tank.
Lance and gas cylinders can be separated, the furnace head to start the palm-size, above the pot holder, the following regulation of the size of the cutting fire door. There are directly screwed on the tank, there is through a gas pipe and gas tank with, I like the direct connection, smaller, and the stove is not directly contact with the bottom of the tent, hot is not bad. There are two gas cylinders, a fat two cans of large round lunch is a screw, screw directly on the burner, the advantage is more pure gas can be used in cold conditions (the more cold the more difficult The other is the long tube, like the air freshener jar, bayonet, to a converter head can be connected to the stove, but the purity is low, only in the spring, Summer, autumn, low altitude use. There is also a gas lamp, can also be used with this gas tank, small size, good brightness. Liquid furnace common alcohol stove and gasoline stove, I want to say here is a specialized tourism, mountaineering furnace, safer, easy to carry, will not pollute things, there is a stove a jar can burn a variety of fuels , Like gasoline, kerosene, diesel. The use of more complex, when the fire may smoke, fire can not be adjusted, but the fuel costs low, a can of fuel can be used for several days, but it is important in the case of low temperature fire is not much affected. In this case,

Climbers and stoves
Mountaineering appliances for a climber, the importance can not be ignored.
Stoves of fuel by chemical composition can be divided into three categories:
A: liquid gas: including methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on.
B: Fuel Oil: Includes White Gasoline, Coleman Fuel, Unleaded Gasoline, Kerosense ....
C: Alcohol: Alcohol.
Stoves are one of the tools on which mountain climbers rely, but the range of stoves available is great for you.
The following are some of the most commonly used or used by the general climbers, but are not guaranteed to be purchased, but are for reference only:
First of all, gas stoves.
Gas stove is all kinds of stoves among the most convenient and most easy to operate stoves. In general, the following, but some gas stoves, each other is the use of mutually incompatible gas cans, so also introduced the gas tank:
A: EPI (English): gas tank can be divided into four according to the weight, gas tank color is green.
B: PRIMUS (Swedish): The gas cans are divided into two types according to their weight. However, some PRIMUS old stoves use a hole gas canister, which uses the same gas tank as the CAMPING GAZ old stoves. The color of the gas tank, the big gas tank is yellow, the small gas tank is iron gray.
C: CAMPING GAZ (legal system): gas according to the function of two (1) Alpine (2) with the ground, there are two according to the weight of each, in addition to the use of holes in the old gas stove, regardless of old or new , Gas tank color are blue.
D: ALPS (Korean): a gas tank, gas tank color is blue.
E.MARKILL (German system): no import brand gas.
F.MSR REPID FIRE (US system): no import of this brand of gas.
G.COLEMAN (US system): a gas tank, the color is iron gray.
The first time I buy a stove, I recommend the purchase of gas stove, because it can be personal stoves, can also be used as emergency equipment group equipment, the most important thing is the use of maintenance is also more convenient. Selection of the best brands to PI, PRIMUS followed, COLEMAN again, CAMPINGGAZ the final choice. Gas stove in the use of more convenient, but the cost of fuel than the gasifier a lot more expensive.

Vaporization furnace

The introduction of the gas furnace in front, although convenient, but more fuel costs. If, when your climbing experience is more mature and rich, I suggest you use the gasifier, one to save money, and secondly to enhance their ability to climbing equipment.
COLMAN PEAK-1 (US): Common model 508.440.4000A. This brand is one of the most common.
MSR (US): the common model XGK-2, INTERNATIONAL WHISPERLITE-600. This brand is the most common of the two.
OPTIMUS (made in Sweden): common with 123.8R.111.00. This brand is the most common of the three.
PHOEBUS (made in Austria): 725.625.
747 (Taiwan system): imitation of 725.
HIPOLITO (Made in Portugal): Very similar to the shape of the oven.
Korean system: the majority of kerosene furnace.
Continental system: the majority of kerosene furnace.
In accordance with the vaporization of vaporization principle, I personally to simplify its structure, roughly divided into three systems:
Cold type: One of the most important feature is that the fuel within the furnace body is pressurized and vaporized, in the design, are more advanced approach, the combustion will not be too much pressure and explosion, and pressurized bottle of fuel temperature Does not rise, so the stove body is the temperature is low. However, heat conduction is inevitable, so it is hot, but not too hot.
Thermal: the use of sublimation of fuel by heating, resulting in pressure, the fuel vaporization (somewhat similar to the principle of siphon). In the design is an early design, the principle is simple, but the pressure is too large and the risk of explosion, but rarely heard the rumors of an explosion, the only drawback is that the pressurized bottle of fuel temperature will continue to rise until the hot stage .
Cold type thermal mixing: the above two principles are one, usually this type of design has the same characteristics, the oil bottle is too large, the need for pressure, or firepower is not strong, the stove is hot.
When climbing in order to facilitate the repair of the problem in the mountains of the stoves, it is best to be a stove repair kit to bring.