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Ignition device.

Gas stove ignition commonly used spark ignition method, the ignition device mainly piezoelectric ceramic igniter, pulse igniter.

2.1.1 Piezoelectric ceramic igniter compact structure, high ignition rate, the process is simple, low cost. The experiment of a piezoelectric ceramic components can be continuous ignition about 50,000 times. If the ignition 7 times a day, the ignition rate of 80%, then a piezoelectric ceramic components available for 15 years. The piezoelectric ceramic igniter consists of a piezoelectric ceramic element, an ignition hammer, a spring, an ignition needle, a high voltage wire, a plug-in blade, an ignition nozzle, a grounding discharge terminal and a rotary switch. The working process is: press the knob firmly, so that with the knob and the dial protruding end convex hammer with the ignition to withstand, with the counter-clockwise rotation of the rotating shaft, dial to drive the hammer after the shift and spring contraction . When the rotary shaft rotates, the ignition gas channel is opened, the gas flow to the ignition nozzle, at the same time dial the ignition hammer will move to the limit position, dial and ignition hammer separate, spring reset, hammer hammer impact piezoelectric ceramic Produce high voltage, up to 5,000 volts to 10,000 volts. Spark ignition at the electrode, ignite the gas emitted from the igniter, the igniter fired the flame and then ignited the main fire burner fire larvae L out of the gas.

2.1.2 pulsed igniter uses the dry battery as the power source, its high-pressured component uses the transistor to make the oscillation component or uses the manifold to make the oscillating element; Also includes the pulse switch, burner fire hole, ignition needle, high voltage line, ground discharge terminal. The working process is: press the knob, so that the knob with the pulse switch connected to the high-voltage components after power, resulting in high-voltage discharge from the high-voltage line to the ignition needle, resulting in continuous discharge ignition, with the knob rotation, the main burner nozzle open , Gas from the fire hole out of being lit. Piezoelectric ceramic igniter has the advantage of long life, no other power, in the wet high heat occasions to work properly. The disadvantage is only one spark out of a spark. The advantages of the pulse igniter is the continuous spark when the ignition, the ignition rate is high, safe and reliable. Disadvantage is easy to damage after damp; to keep clean, dry; ignition spark small, to be replaced battery; long-term outage stove to be out of the battery.