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Selection and Installation of Energy - saving Gas
Energy-saving gas stoves, as the name suggests is the burning of natural gas to change, so that the heat more to the bottom of the pot to absorb energy-saving effect. Compared with the traditional multi-column type fire source combustion method, the single column suspension combustion method makes the firepower evenly distributed in the bottom of the pot, more heat to the bottom of the pot to absorb, thus reducing heat loss and energy saving effect. Now energy-saving become a social development trend, more manufacturers have joined the stove energy-saving gas stove R & D and manufacturing.
Saving gas stove gas province, saving time, worry.
Provincial gas: According to statistics than the average gas stove is 35% -48%, equivalent to a bottle of natural gas more than ten days, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
Time: What is the most bothering to cook boiled water? Wait for a long time. Do not worry, energy-saving gas stove in cooking boil water to save close to a quarter of time.
Peace of mind: low-carbon environmental protection, full combustion rejection of high carbon monoxide, health, each family; superior products, the service life of up to eight years or more, the quality has been guaranteed.
So, how to buy energy-saving gas stove? Let buy a detailed description of the steps to buy network.
1. First of all know their own gas source, is natural gas, artificial gas or liquefied petroleum gas? This is the key, in the purchase should be clear in the packaging to identify.
2. The second is to understand the energy-saving gas stove flame protection device. Gas stove with flame protection device is more secure, can be re-flame by water or wind out, immediately cut off gas leaks to ensure personal and family safety.
3. Also need to look at energy-saving gas stove panel. The panel should have a certain thickness, and the average surface paint products, no blistering, off the phenomenon of the purchase criteria. The main panel of stainless steel, ceramic, glass, enamel, to technology, the use of safety, the more recommended is the stainless steel panel.
4. Also need to see the energy-saving gas stove's switch knob, nozzle and ignition installation location. To ensure that the gas ignited the fire, the ignition within 4 seconds after the fire should be burned all the fire holes. If the gas stove after debugging, there is still a flame from the burner fire hole all or part of the phenomenon of the fire, the flame in the burner inside the phenomenon of combustion and flame yellow phenomenon, indicating the quality of gas stoves.
5. Finally depends on the throttle adjustment. When the ignition test, but also the way to check the energy saving gas stove is easy to adjust the throttle, pot holder installation is appropriate and so on.
So how to install energy-saving gas stove? Let buy a detailed description of the steps to install the kitchen network.
1. Energy-saving gas stove should be installed by qualified personnel to install, do not in order to facilitate or save money and secretly installed, the consequences would be disastrous. Another gas pipeline shall not be laid in the bedroom, bathroom and toilet, which is the basic security issues.
2. Gas pipelines must be set up. If the gas pipeline buried wall or dark, in the event of gas leakage can not be a good spread, and difficult to detect and security checks; However, a large number of gas accumulation for the safety of hidden dangers, but also to break the wall before Maintenance, to the user caused a greater economic losses.
3. Energy-saving gas stove should be placed in a well-ventilated, natural lighting of the kitchen, not in the basement or bedroom and other closed places, so as to facilitate maintenance and repair. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the gas table and the gas stove level of the net distance of not less than 30 cm; placed gas stove room net height shall not be less than 2.2 meters.
4. Energy-saving gas stoves and wooden furniture, the net distance of not less than 20 cm; and the wall of the net distance of not less than 10 cm; and the opposite wall can not be less than 1 meter between the channel, and combustible walls should be taken between the effective Fire insulation measures, in the range of 1 meter around the gas stove can not have flammable substances.
5. Energy-saving gas stove pipe cracks and other signs of aging should be replaced immediately in the choice of hose connection must be used for gas hose, both ends of the clamp to be fastened. In addition the hose can not be under the stove from the bottom or bending flattened, the length should be appropriate, but preferably not more than 2 meters, too long to reduce the gas stove heat flow; and too short will cause pull hose easily fall off phenomenon.
6. Embedded gas stove is a lot of people choose. Installation to strictly regulate the installation location, hole size, hole size to the appropriate size, do not cause the table to face the whole extrusion machine or cooker to bear the gravity, if necessary, but also configure a special anti-shedding stainless steel gas hose.