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The working principle and component structure of pulse ignition and piezoelectric ignition gas stove
First, the principle of pulse ignition gas stove (electric even, no electric thermocouple)

Open the gas valve, press the knob, the knob bar down to promote the body with the thimble down to move the thimble to push the valve body crank swing to promote the solenoid valve open; At the same time, the knob on the metal sheet with pulse ignition The switch lever is in the keyway of the valve spool. If the knob rotates counterclockwise (clockwise), the valve will rotate in a clockwise direction. Positioning device limit, can not rotate), the knob position of the top stall will spin to the step table, from the valve body positioning restrictions, the valve core will rotate with the knob, the valve body and the valve body stomatal hole The air holes are aligned and connected. At this point the gas will be through the gas pipe → → → body valve body valve valve → solenoid valve → nozzle → nozzle (mixed with the air) → burner → damper → fire cover (air mixed with the second), the case of After the fire burning. By adjusting the size of the damper (change the air flow cross-section) can change the primary air mixing coefficient, affecting the flame combustion conditions, to prevent the production of yellow flame. As the beginning of combustion, the thermocouple will produce electromotive heat, through the wire into the solenoid valve coil, resulting in a magnetic field so that the solenoid valve to pull, thus maintaining the valve open, so the free hand to adjust the flame size. When the accidental flameout, the thermocouple terminal voltage quickly becomes zero, the solenoid valve coil loss, under the action of the spring, quickly cut off the gas pathway to prevent gas spill. If you want to turn off the gas stove, you can turn the knob clockwise to "off" position can be, this time, the valve spool and solenoid valve will cut off the gas path, the combustion stops, the gas does not spill; knob bar positioning gear swing to the positioning slot The knob can not be rotated.

Second, the pulse gas stove parts structure:

1, thermocouple (see Figure 2-2): is a pair of (two) different materials welded together alloy wire, when one end of the heating, the other
When the terminal is cooled, an alloy wire having an electromotive force (voltage) can be generated between the two alloy wires. The size of the electromotive force depends on the material properties of the wire and the heating temperature. It consists of wire, protective cover and transmission conductors. When the flame heating, the thermocouple both ends of the electromotive force provided to the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve was energized to maintain suction to maintain the gas conduction; when the accidental flameout, the use of thermocouple at both ends of the electromotive force disappeared, Release, block the gas pathway to prevent gas spill.

2, the solenoid valve (see Figure 2-3): is a pure iron U-shaped laminated or U-type soft ferrite core column (armature)
Of the electromagnet. It has a magnetic field generated after power, can be connected to the spool of the connecting rod, so that the gas valve inlet opening, loss of power by its own spring force can automatically reset the role of sealing gas stomata to ensure that gas will not spill. Gas stove in the press the knob ignition, the first by the thimble in the valve body to open the top of the solenoid valve, when the combustion is normal, the thermocouple both ends of the electromotive force (voltage), the solenoid valve was energized to maintain suction to ensure the release of hand gas Of the conduction; when an accidental flameout, the thermocouple no flame without electromotive force generated, the release of the solenoid valve, sealed gas path, to ensure the safety of use.
3, the valve body assembly: mainly used for gas and gas flow control gas flow control. Is composed of the valve body, the valve spool, the ejector tube, the knob lever, the positioning device, the transmission device and the accessories needed to realize the function conversion (see Figure 2-4). The valve spool is used to regulate the gas flow and control the fuel gas path. This is because the air gap between the air valve body and the air inlet of the valve body is set at an angle. When the knob is not rotated, If the ignition is not successful, the knob will not turn, you can prevent the gas spill; if the ignition is not successful, then turn the knob, the gas path is turned on, the gas will be ignited; Stem holes of different diameter on the gas limit the gas flow, control the size of the gas stove flame. The positioning device is composed of the positioning block and the valve body positioning groove composition, "closed" state, the positioning block sets in the positioning groove, the knob can not turn, press and rotate the knob, positioning block rotation, from positioning constraints, Open the knob in a certain range after the free rotation to adjust the size of firepower.

4, pulse igniter: It is composed of electronic components of a pulse high-frequency oscillator (see Figure 2-5). The high-frequency voltage generated by the oscillator is boosted by a high voltage of 15 kV by a step-up transformer to conduct a tip discharge, which ignites the gas on the burner by the spark of discharge. This igniter ignition rate is high, continuous discharge. Press the knob to start the ignition of the pulse igniter; release the knob, the pulse to stop the ignition.