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Various classification of fuel gas burners
(1) burners generally use fuel can be divided into three
1, gas burner
2, fuel burner
3, dual-use oil and gas burners.

(2) Classification by combustion method
1, diffusion type burner
The air required for combustion is not pre-mixed with the fuel gas in the primary air ratio
2, atmospheric burner
Part of the air required for combustion is pre-mixed with the fuel gas primary air analyzer.
3, fully premixed burner
All the air required for combustion is pre - mixed with the gas in a primary air.

(3) by adjusting the way to points can be divided into:
1, single-stage fire: single-burner burner burner is ignited, only one output, the output size can not be adjusted;
2, two fire control: burner has two output, after ignition can be a level of work, when the load is large, can also make the second stage put into operation, two work together, although this burner output size can be adjusted, But can only be adjusted to two, not stepless adjustment;
3, three sections of fire control: regulation for the three, is not stepless adjustment;
4, double sliding adjustment: similar to the proportion adjustment, only in large stalls and small stalls stay.
5, Proportional adjustment: from the minimum output until the maximum output, can be continuously adjusted for stepless adjustment. But the minimum load is required, fuel burner regulation ratio of 1: 4, which is the minimum load of 25; gas burner adjustment ratio can reach 1:
6, for the gas burner, the general are continuous adjustment.

(4) by the air supply method classification
1, ejector burner
Air is inhaled by a gas jet or by a gas jet
2, the natural supply for the burner
By the furnace in the negative pressure air into the tissue combustion
3, the combustion gas combustion
Air is blown into the furnace for combustion.

(5) by gas pressure classification
1, low-pressure burner
Gas pressure in the 5000Pa below
2, high pressure burner
Gas pressure in the 5000Pa to 3 × 105Pa between.

There are also special features of the burner, such as immersion burner, high-speed burner and low burner.