Spark Plug

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Spark Plug
  • How to judge whether the ignition pin is normal Ignition needle is generally not easy to bad, if the ignition needle does not discharge, there may be a battery dead, or pulse igniter failure, not necessarily the problem of ignition needle, if the new battery or not for ignition, it is recommended to find manufacturers sales Home inspection.

  • Ignition principle of gas stove ignition Gas stove ignition mode is divided into piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electric pulse ignition two. Modern gas stove igniter for the pulse igniter, pulse igniter is composed of electronic components of a pulse high-frequency oscillator, which is generated by the oscillator of the high-frequency voltage by the step-up transformer into 15KV high voltage, The tip discharge, spark ignition by the discharge gas on the gas stove. This igniter ignition rate is high, continuous discharge. Press the knob, the ignition pulse igniter; release the knob, the pulse to stop the ignition.

  • The electrode in the battery generally refers to the location of the redox reaction with the electrolyte solution. The electrode has positive and negative points, generally positive for the cathode, access to electrons, the reduction reaction occurs, the anode is the anode, the loss of electron oxidation. The electrode may be a metal or a non-metal, so long as it can exchange electrons with the electrolyte solution, that is, the electrode.

  • A member of an electrical or electronic device, device, used as a conductive medium (solid, gas, vacuum, or electrolyte solution) in the input or output current of the two ends. The input current of a pole called the anode or cathode, a discharge current called the cathode or cathode. There are various types of electrodes, such as cathode, anode, welding electrodes, electric furnace electrodes.

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