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The difference between thermocouple and ion extinguishing

Flame protection is when the flame is extinguished, the gas stove can automatically

cut off the gas source protection. Flame protection is the most common gas stove

security protection, the market there are two gas stove flame protection (referred to

as the out of protection) - thermocouple-off and ion-induced induction out of


● thermocouple principle is the application of the metal physical properties, are

temperature-sensitive induction, flameout protection action by temperature sensing


● ion induction principle is the application of the flame photoelectric properties, the

need to support the operation of electronic circuits, no electricity is invalid; ignition

speed, once the flame deviation from the sensor needle, immediately turn off flame.

● In comparison, thermocouple out of the use of performance more stable, longer


You know: the cooking environment is open, it is impossible to avoid the impact of

external air (wind)

● ion-induced to avoid accidental flameout phenomenon occurs frequently, some

manufacturers must:

1. Add an induction needle to double the sensing effect, ensuring at least one

contact with the flame

2. Use of electronic circuits to extend the flame protection time. Even if the two

induction needle at the same time not feel the flame exists, the gas in the delay

range is still output as usual.

● thermocouple in a specific temperature below the instantly cut off the gas supply,

are instant response, the general out of time is about 9 seconds; ion sensing type

generally need to extend the extinguishing time, the delay is reflected in the actual

out of time is not 0.1 seconds, That is about 0.1 seconds +6 seconds = 6.1 seconds!

Note: The above out of time in the national standard, the GB is fully taken into

account the safety and use requirements.

Thermocouple flame protection technology is more suitable for gas stoves (open environment combustion), ion induction flameout protection technology is more suitable for gas water heaters (closed environment combustion), which is why the major gas companies specify the use of thermocouple Turn off the gas stove to protect the grounds! In fact, the vast majority of gas stove manufacturers are selected thermocouple flame protection.