Europe Regulator

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Europe Regulator
  • The main technology Well-controlled constant pressure and temperature control system to ensure a constant dew point temperature is not affected by the sample gas and ambient temperature; cooler system is highly efficient continuous operation, non-CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) compression motor filled with environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a; efficient heat exchanger To ensure maximum heat exchange and leak-proof operation; built-in condensate pump to continuously remove condensate and impurities in the filter.

  • A gas regulator is an instrument used to control the flow of shielding gas into the weld zone. JCC portable gas pre-processor, by reducing the sample gas dew point and sample dehumidification, to ensure the stability of sample gas properties. High ambient temperature operation stability makes it even in the boiler room can also be a good application.

  • Gas regulator Gas regulator is through the regulation, the inlet pressure is reduced to a required outlet pressure, and rely on the energy of the medium itself, so that the outlet pressure automatically maintain a stable valve. From the point of view of fluid mechanics, the valve is a local resistance can change the throttling element, that is, by changing the throttle area, the flow rate and fluid kinetic energy change, resulting in different pressure loss, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression. And then rely on the control and regulation system to adjust the valve after the pressure fluctuations and spring force balance, so that the pressure in the valve after a certain error to maintain a constant range.

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