Gas corrugated pipe

Gas corrugated pipe

Product number:ESHO-004

Quick Overview: The annular corrugated flexible metal hose are good at decreasing vibration and noise. The project quality and usage life of equipment will be significantly extended if such hoses are installed at inlet and outlet of the pump and compressor. The product can avoid disadvantages of rubber fitting, such as aging and burst caused by material fatigue and failure. The annular corrugated flexible metal hose are fine choices for engineering design and application because they can not only reduce the vibration and noise during operation but also compensate misalignment of pipeline.

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Product Description

Gas pipe features

    Easy installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, no gas blocking, good flexibility, long service life, can be bent without distortion, non-gas barrier and so on. Surface soft protective layer material has a safer, easier to clean, beautiful features, stainless steel threaded connection metal hose life of 8 years. PE gas pipe In China's municipal pipe market, plastic pipe is steadily developing, PE gas pipe, PP-R gas pipe, UPVC gas pipe has a place, in which PE pipe strong momentum of development is the most impressive, its use is also very Of the extensive.

Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, EN, GB, JIS     Type: Welded         Steel Grade: 300 Series
Application: Industry         Certification: ISO                                 Welding Line Type: EFW
Thickness: 1mm-40mm     Outer Diameter: 6-630mm                     Grade: 304 316
Material: 304/316L           Length: 10-100 meter           Technique: High-frequency Welded
Surface Treatment: Custom Made           Test: Hydrostatic Test

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