Gas fire pit burner

Gas fire pit burner

Product number:ESFI-002

Quick Overview: Gas burner, also known as gas-fired heating boilers and gas bath boilers, gas boiler, as the name suggests refers to the fuel for the gas boiler, gas boiler and oil-fired boiler, gas boiler, gas boiler, gas boiler, Electric boilers are the most economical, so most people have chosen the gas boiler as the steam, heating, bathing with the boiler equipment. The gas boiler includes KS-Q gas water boiler, CLHS (CWNS) gas hot water boiler, LHS (WNS) gas steam boiler and so on. The gas hot water boiler includes gas heating boiler and gas bath boiler. "The realization of the project, gas-fired boiler has gradually become the first choice.

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Product Description

    Burner to gas, fuel and other fuel, its thermal efficiency level, the key factor is the gas and air mixture ratio to make full use of the fuel must make it complete combustion. The traditional burner uses diffusion combustion technology, gas and air mixed side of the combustion, the mixing speed is slow, the flame temperature is low, the gas can not be completely burned, prone to carbon monoxide, poisoning.

Indoor/outdoor Gas fire pit burner
Size in 12".18",24" 36"inches
304 Stainless steel with safety device
All are in S/S 304 material. Thickness is 0.8mm


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