Gas thermocouple

Gas thermocouple

Product number:ESTH-012

Quick Overview: Thermocouple is a temperature sensor, is an instrument, it directly measures the temperature, and the temperature signal into a thermoelectric power signal, through the electrical instrument (secondary instrument) into the measured medium temperature.      The basic principle of thermocouple temperature measurement is composed of two different components of the material composition of the closed loop conductor, when there is temperature gradient at both ends, the circuit will have a current through, then between the two ends there Seebeck electromotive force - thermal EMF, This is the so-called Seebeck effect. Two different components of the homogeneous conductor for the hot electrode, the higher the temperature end of the work side, the lower end of the temperature free end, the free end is usually at a constant temperature. According to the thermoelectromotive force and temperature as a function of the thermocouple indexing table; indexing table is the free end temperature at 0 ℃ under the conditions obtained, different thermocouples with different index table.

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Product Description

Gas stove thermocouple installation precautions

(1). With a thermocouple stove requirements installed in a well-ventilated kitchen, it minimum distance of 1m with the cylinder, but the maximum length of the intake hose should not exceed 2m, stove below and around do not stack flammable items. 

(2). with a thermocouple of the stove should be placed in the stove is not easy to burn, the height of the stove is generally 70cm. It should be placed in a smooth, under the air into the stove embedded in the installation of cooking stove to be used in the cabinet side wall or anterior wall to open a considerable area of 80cm air inhalation holes, in order to prevent rats from entering the metal mesh should be installed when the device is equipped with the following Baffle, the battery should be reserved for replacement. 

(3). Stove the back of the wall with a net distance of not less than 10cm, the side wall from the wall is not less than 20cm; if the wall is flammable material, to be affixed to the fire insulation layer, the fire side and stove more Part of not less than 20cm, more than a part of the stove is not less than 80cm. 

(4).Intake pipe connection must be sealed with a hose connection must take the hose in place, and clamped with a clamp, with soap liquid check should be no leakage. Gas stove with thermocouple In the use of pulse ignition stove, before use should be installed according to positive and negative requirements of the battery. When using the ignition of the "pop" sound becomes slow, the point does not fire, or even point the fire immediately go out, you should replace the battery.

(1) Thermal potential
·heat characters: the temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700 and the heat potential should≥20mv
·cool characters: the temperature of thermocouple on flame is 600-700. The heat potential should be≤1.5mv when 1.5min if it heated for 5min and then cut off the power.
·work temperture: the top temperature is lower than 700 and the other parts higher than 125
(2) Inner resistance: accord to its type and length and the tolerance is in ±10% as is requested.
(3)Length: according to request of customers
(4)Forehead&terminal: according to request of customers

Product name: Gas thermocouple Temperature range: 0-1000
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane Usage: Household Accuracy: 0.1

Theory: Temperature Sensor material: copper

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