High pressure Iraq gas pressure regulator valve

High pressure Iraq gas pressure regulator valve

Product number:ESRE-004

Quick Overview: A gas regulator is an instrument used to control the flow of shielding gas into the weld zone. JCC portable gas pre-processor, by reducing the sample gas dew point and sample dehumidification, to ensure the stability of sample gas properties. High ambient temperature operation stability makes it even in the boiler room can also be a good application.

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Product Description

1. Above 10 years experience engineers in gas line
2. Complete testing method according to Europe standard
3. Timely delivery
4. Above 5 years experience sales engineer
5. Supply sourcing service
Usage and charaters:
Product Name:Gas stove regulator
Item No: ESRE-004
Application country: Europe, North America


Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

pressure: 37mbar