Square bbq burner

Square bbq burner

Product number:ESBUFP-004

Quick Overview: Gas burner, also known as gas-fired heating boilers and gas bath boilers, gas boiler, as the name suggests refers to the fuel for the gas boiler, gas boiler and oil-fired boiler, gas boiler, gas boiler, gas boiler, Electric boilers are the most economical, so most people have chosen the gas boiler as the steam, heating, bathing with the boiler equipment. The gas boiler includes KS-Q gas water boiler, CLHS (CWNS) gas hot water boiler, LHS (WNS) gas steam boiler and so on. The gas hot water boiler includes gas heating boiler and gas bath boiler. "The realization of the project, gas-fired boiler has gradually become the first choice.

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Product Description

  When using a fire pit ring with Propane you will need to use an air mixer to allow oxygen to blend with the gas. The fire ring has a 1/2 inch female thread in it's center "see through hub" for easy connectivity to a 1/2 inch threaded male pip. It comes with a plug so the fire ring can be flipped to allow the gas jets to face upward or downward. An optional flex line is available for applications where a rigid gas pipe may not be stubbed to the ideal location.

Type: Gas Cooktops                   No. of Gas Burner: 4               Installation: Built-In    

Certification: CE, CSA                 Size: 12/18/24 inch 

Surface Material: Stainless            Weight: 600g 


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