Stainless steel pipe for grills

Stainless steel pipe for grills

Product number:ESHO-014

Quick Overview: Gas pipe features Easy installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, no gas blocking, good flexibility, long service life, can be bent without distortion, non-gas barrier and so on. Surface soft protective layer material has a safer, easier to clean, beautiful features, stainless steel threaded connection metal hose life of 8 years. PE gas pipe In China's municipal pipe market, plastic pipe is steadily developing, PE gas pipe, PP-R gas pipe, UPVC gas pipe has a place, in which PE pipe strong momentum of development is the most impressive, its use is also very Of the extensive.

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Product Description

    Gas pipe is a special gas pipeline. With metal gas hose hose to replace the traditional way of rubber buckle hose, rubber tube can easily fall off, easy to aging, easy to insect bites, short life defects.

Usage and charaters:
Product Name:   1/2" PVC coated stainless steel pipe for grills 
Item No: ESHO-014
Application country: Europe, North America
Product name: Safety brass valve(One In And Two Outlets)
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane