gas cooker valve

gas cooker valve

Product number:ESVA-006

Quick Overview: Gas valve is a new type of gas pipeline project safety equipment; used to cut off, connected, adjust the pipeline in the gas, has good control characteristics and closed sealing performance; for urban gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, Oxygen and other gas medium pipeline.

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Product Description

Usage and charaters:

Product Name:Flame failure safety device gas valve
Item No: ESVA-006
Application country: Europe, North America


Product name: Safety brass valve(One In And Two Outlets)

Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

Principle: To close the gas heater from suddenly extinguishment. It adopts solenoid valve as a controlling components. When the gas heater extinguish suddenly in working state, this protector will power off and close the gas quickly to prevent some accidents from gas leakage, such as poisoning, fire and gas explosion etc.


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