Gas range electrode

Gas range electrode

Product number:ESEL-008

Quick Overview: Ignition principle of gas stove ignition Gas stove ignition mode is divided into piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electric pulse ignition two. Modern gas stove igniter for the pulse igniter, pulse igniter is composed of electronic components of a pulse high-frequency oscillator, which is generated by the oscillator of the high-frequency voltage by the step-up transformer into 15KV high voltage, The tip discharge, spark ignition by the discharge gas on the gas stove. This igniter ignition rate is high, continuous discharge. Press the knob, the ignition pulse igniter; release the knob, the pulse to stop the ignition.

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Product Description

How to maintain a gas stove

    Daily maintenance and cleaning of gas stoves is very important, do not neglect, usually pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, then down, not only affect the stove aesthetics, but also affect the life of the machine, cooking food also naturally lose the original delicious And nutrition.

Igniter daily cleaning

Gas stove ignition is the most vulnerable place, as the ignition system, gas stoves in addition to the use of matches or ignition rods for manual ignition, the market most of the domestic use of piezoelectric ceramics for ignition and pulse continuous ignition based. As long as a micro-switch connected, you can produce a series of spark, to ignite the fuel to achieve ignition. To see whether the piece of pulse battery is dissolved by high temperature, as well as whether there is coverage of the dirty material can not be transmitted to the eye position.

Gas cooktop clean
The current gas stove table clean, common surface of the table are stainless steel, glass panels and enamel panel constructed. Many love clean friends, when cooked after the meal will be on the surface clean, remove the oil spill when cooking oil and other contaminants. Relatively speaking, the glass panel with the stainless steel gas stove panel is relatively easy to clean some.

Gas hose inspection
Gas hose can not be ignored as a place to send fuel often because of aging, cracking caused by fuel leakage poses a danger. First of all, you can feel the hose to soften the phenomenon of whether to hand to try to tear the hose. Gas itself is colorless and tasteless, in order to prevent accidents. Especially in the gas to add hydrogen sulfide, smell a bit like the smell of rotten eggs. Thereby simply to determine whether there is leakage. Close the gas meter after the valve there is odor, can be judged as a gas meter valve after a gas leak.

Unattended to turn off the stove

Cooking process, if unattended should stop using gas appliances, to avoid soup, porridge, pasta and other spills, leaching extinguishing fire, resulting in gas leakage phenomenon.

Usage and charaters:
Product Name: Gas range electrode 
Item No: ESEL-011
Application country: Europe, North America
Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

Material: ceramic                         Usage: gas grill, oven, stove

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